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  • Use natural light wherever possible.

  • To have brighter room, use lighter colour paints as lighter colours reflect light.

  • Clean lamps and fixtures regularly. Dust on lamps and reflectors mean less brightness and less energy efficiency.


  • Switch off home appliances at the power socket. Standby power can account for up to 10% of your home electricity use. Do not leave them on standby. You can save about RM 78.50 a year. [Based on Electricity Usage: 300 kWh/month, Lowest Electricity Tariff: RM 0.218/kWh]

  • Unplug your charging devices when not used (MP3, handphone, etc.). Leaving them on charging mode (even when the battery is full) wastes electricity.

  • If you have equipment older than 10 – 15 years, you should consider replacing them. Older models may be using 3 times of the electricity consumption for newer models in market.

  • When you are planning for new appliances, consider two price tags. The first price tag is for the purchase cost of the equipment. The second price tag is the electricity cost during the equipment’s operation.  In general, the second price tag may stick with you for more than 5 years.

  • Regularly clean and maintain all electrical appliances. Over time, dust builds up and causes the output of the appliance to reduce and force appliance to work harder. This eventually causes the equipment to consume more electricity.

  • Energy Rating Labels are good reference during purchase of electrical appliances. In Malaysia, 5 STAR rating is used and the products are labeled from 1 to 5 star (5 star is the most energy efficient and 1 star is the least energy efficient). 

  • Buy house / premise facing North-South alignment. It reduces direct sunlight exposure. This will reduce premise’s cooling cost.

  • Thermal insulation is a good way of keeping premise cool. Choose suitable insulation to the type of activity in a building.

  • Place wooden cupboards or furniture (non-thermal conductor) against walls that are facing direct sunlight heating. This will reduce the heat coming into the room.

  • Remember, the more unnecessary or additional functions added into an equipment, it only increases energy consumption. So, go for equipments that do basic functions and energy efficient. Do not be swayed with ‘out of the world’ claims.















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