Living Hall (Work Station, Mini Theater, Dining Hall, Guest hall, etc)
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  • After switching off appliances like televisions, computers, printers, VCD, DVD and CD players using remote control, these equipments continue to consume electricity in stand-by mode or sleeping mode. So, switch off and unplug the power socket when it is not in use.
  • Switch off your computer completely when not in use more than 30 minutes. Daily leaving it on overnight (8 hours) will cost you RM 13.08 – RM 20.93 per month per computer.  [Based on Computer’s Power Consumption: 250 – 400 Watt, Lowest Electricity Tariff: RM 0.218/kWh]
  • Use laptops or flat screen computers. A laptop uses up to 30% less energy than bigger desktop models.
  • Open space air conditioning should be avoided. This is because air conditioning is highly effective for closed space. Open space cooling will shoot up your bills. Using inverter air conditioners in non-closed space (for example, living hall, dining hall, etc) must be totally avoided as it is not designed to function in such condition.













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