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Air Conditioner
  • The air-conditioner uses the bulk of the electricity in some homes. To circulate air, a fan can be an immediate solution. Fans in general use 3% - 10% of electricity used by an air-conditioner. You can save a large sum of money by this.

  • The lower the temperature setting, the higher electricity consumed by your air-conditioner. If you use an air-conditioner, set the temperature at about 24oC - 26oC. Increasing temperature setting by 3oC can reduce your electricity cost by 30%.

  • Consider putting dividers or partitions so that you cool a smaller, more targeted space. The volume of air that needs air conditioning is proportionate to the electricity bill. Try minimising to needed areas only. 

  • Turn off the air-conditioner half an hour earlier using a timer. You can save about RM 35 a year. [Based on Air Conditioner Power Consumption: 900 Watt, Lowest Electricity Tariff: RM 0.218/kWh]

  • Check the air-conditioner air filter once a month and clean or replace it when necessary. Blocked filter reduces air flow and make the air-conditioner inefficient. 

  • Service your air-conditioning units regularly. Besides the air filters, the condition of other components of an air-conditioning unit (such as the refrigerant, pipes and motors) also affects its efficiency. 

  • Avoid using appliances that expel heat in an air-conditioned room.

  • A simple guideline on air conditioner load size. Do not under size or over size your air conditioning. It will increase your electricity consumption unnecessarily.
Room Size Air Conditioner Load (horse power)
 12 x 12 feet
 14 x 14 feet
 1.0 - 1.5
 14 x 16 feet
 15 x 16 feet
 1.5 - 2.0
 18 x 18 feet
 2.0 - 2.5
 21 x 21 feet
 2.5 - 3.0

Water Heater (Bathroom)
  • If you have a storage water heater, switch it on about 20 minutes before taking a bath, and switch it off after use. Leaving it on for too long wastes electricity.

  • A solar heater can substitute the need for hot water easily. You can recoup your investment between 4 – 5 years for normal users (around 3 person per household) and 3 – 4 years for heavy users (around 5 person per household). These solar heaters will continue to supply hot water without additional electricity cost for you. Well maintained solar heaters operate for more than 15 years.














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