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Accessing and using this website is upon accepting the Terms and Condition listed in this document and other related documents related to the operation of this website.

Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (AWER) reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this website at any time we feel necessary and the amendments will take immediate effect after posting on this website.  Any party that violates the Terms and Conditions of this website will result in the termination of the use and access to this website.

Do take note that there are sections of this website that are restricted to certain authorised and registered users only. Use of these restricted sections is governed by the Registered User terms below. AWER has the right to terminate your access to the website at any time without prior notice. In the event of termination, all restrictions imposed under the Disclaimer, Copyright Notice and Terms and Conditions will survive the termination and continue to be binding upon you.


The domain www.click.org.my is registered under AWER. This website inclusive of the Terms and Conditions, is exclusively governed by, and is subject to, all applicable laws of Malaysia, notwithstanding that it is or may be accessible in or viewed in any other jurisdiction.

Information and Materials

The contents of this website are for the purpose of providing information relating to Low Carbon Lifestyle and related issues as well as technical and statistical work. None of the information and materials constitute legal advice or the provision of legal services. AWER makes no warranty or representation is given that any content or material is complete or comprehensive or is usable without any further input.


Accessing or viewing this website does not give rise to any legal relationship between you and AWER. Any form of communication between you and AWER through this website, whether by means of feedback or response to queries or otherwise does not give rise to any legal relationship between you and AWER.

Electronic Links to Third Party Websites

AWER disclaims responsibility for the privacy practices for the websites that are linked from our website. Should you decide to connect to those websites, AWER’s privacy policy ceases to apply here onwards. For your own protection and understanding, we would like to advise you to take time and effort to read the privacy policies of the linked websites.

Security of Account and Password

You acknowledge and agree that it is your full responsible to maintain the confidentiality of any passwords associated with any account being used to access or use this website and that you will be solely responsible to AWER for all activities that occur under your account.

In the event you become aware of any unauthorised use of your password or your account, you shall immediately notify AWER.

Privacy Statement

AWER as the owner and operator of this website (www.click.org.my), through the Internet host server, we will obtain and retain certain information about those who are using this website (traffic flow).

For statistical purposes, AWER reserves the right to collate demographic or statistical information from any information provided by you via usage of the CLICK website to third parties endorsed by AWER. Such demographic or statistical information are not personally identifiable, and could be in the form a summary or compilation of information.

Registered User Terms

A small portion of the website is restricted (additional benefit) to registered users only. These users need to apply and be authorised to access this areas. For users that are granted access to restricted areas, such access is granted on the basis that the conditions of access, which may be prescribed generally or with some level of specificity, are adhered to at all times. Access can be terminated at any time, at our sole discretion, without AWER having to afford any cause or justification. Breach of such conditions or access and/or breach of the Terms and Conditions generally, would entitle AWER to bar access to the restricted sections of this website without any further notice or obligation to consult beforehand and without having to establish such breach.

The access to the restricted sections is governed by a combination of a user name and a password that is approved by AWER. Passwords are advised to be changed from time to time to enhance security from the users’ side. Any individual or organisation that has been granted access to restricted areas within this website:

  • Will be notified by e-mail only their application is approved;
  • Has full responsibility to keep their user name and password secured and remain confidential at all times; and
  • Must notify AWER immediately in the event that the secrecy of user name and/or passwords is compromised, or if there is even a suspicion that the same has been compromised in any way or by anyone.

Anti-Spam Policy

Spammers are strictly barred from AWER’s servers. Please be reminded that by accessing this website you have expressly agreed not to send bulk unsolicited e-mails with commercial messages to other users of this website or the public, or interfere, harass, threaten or abuse other users, and/or post or distribute any obscene, hateful, racially offensive information or materials.


For more information, the users can email general@awer.org.my.














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